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Polly Symondson Recruitment, PSR, Specialist Regional Recruitment for the Charity Sector, Cheltenham, UK
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Job Number: 000143

Job Title: Senior Philanthropy Manager (Regional)
Salary Range: £45,585 – £54,395
Charity: University of Warwick
Location:  University Campus/Hybrid working
Deadline for applications: 14th November

Our impact stretches far beyond the boundaries of Warwick’s campus.

The University of Warwick was conceived, in part, by the ambition of the Midlands business community to transform the opportunities available to residents of the local area, and it is thanks to their early vision that the University is one of the most consistently high ranked in the UK.

  • By 2030, we will increase students studying science by 40%.
    Local communities will be one of the main beneficiaries of Warwick’s plans for growth.
  • Thanks to an educational experience driven by challenge, curiosity and ambition, we produce graduates with the skills, drive and business-ready outlook to succeed in the global workplace.

A study carried out by London Economics found Warwick’s impact on the UK economy in 2019-20 generates over £1.15 billion for the local economy, in terms of direct spend with local firms, the money spent locally by our students, and the productivity and output growth we help generate in local businesses.

A magnet for our region

Warwick offers one of the most ambitious Widening Participation (access to underprivileged students) programmes of any British university. We continue
to increase the diversity of our student population and to remove the barriers to a Warwick education, particularly for local students.

  • An increased local representation at Warwick, coupled with a regional ecosystem designed to support and inspire entrepreneurs and innovations will encourage more exceptional graduates to remain in the region.
  • Increased student internationalisation alongside stronger regional representation will ensure that our graduates take a global perspective into their professions, which are two of the priorities of the Vice Chancellor’s strategy for Warwick in 2030.
  • Philanthropic partnerships with business leaders will be crucial to fulfilling this vision, transforming our institution, changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people and significantly accelerating the economic development of our region and the UK’s productivity.

Senior Philanthropy Manager (Regional)

In this role, you’ll lead the development of a portfolio of Major Gift (£100,000+) prospects and projects for the aligned Faculty, and hold line management responsibility for a Philanthropy Officers, as required, who will support Development Office led philanthropic priorities.

You’ll be required to work within a hot-desking space with the Development and Alumni Engagement team and in locations across campus and work remotely in accordance with our hybrid working policies.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Leadership responsibility for ensuring that their team delivers a minimum annual team income target of £1.5 million against team priorities and donor-led opportunities.
    • Responsible for determining income targets and KPIs of Philanthropy Officer.
  • Build and manage a portfolio of their own of prospects capable of making gifts of £100,000 +. This means their portfolio should be built around prospects with a minimum net worth of £10 million each.
    • Responsible for ensuring that donor-led opportunities are supported by the Head of Department.
  • Pursue an ambitious series of personal KPIs that include 12 meetings per month and a minim annual ask target of £5 million.
  • Recruit a network of influencers to facilitate an increase in philanthropic income, made up of senior volunteers, alumni, and members of the Governing Council in consultation with the Deputy Director of Development (Philanthropy).
  • Responsible for ensuring that donors receive excellent post-gift stewardship that positions them in the best possible posture for making subsequent gifts.
    • Work collaboratively with the Donor Relations team to ensure that each donor is supported by a stewardship plan.

Building a Culture of Philanthropy

  • Supervise the work of the Philanthropy Officer, supporting them to achieve their targets.
    • Includes supporting them in securing prospect meetings, attending strategic appointments when appropriate, and ensuring prospect proposals are prepared to the highest standards.
  • Develop projects in collaboration with academic and professional service colleagues that maximise philanthropic income for their area of responsibility.
    • Providing strategic advice that translates academic priorities into fundraising propositions.
  • Provide leadership support for fundraising, to the Chair and Heads of Departments where their project work is located.
    • Attend and participate in prospect and donor meetings with senior academics.
    • Advise senior academics on best practice for prospect meetings
      and provide coaching support on messaging strategies for prospects.
  • Responsible for ensuring that team members undertake their duties in an ethical manner, and in accordance with the principles of the Policy on Gift Solicitation and Acceptance.
    • Ensure that all prospects in cultivation comply with the six criteria for gift acceptance.
  • Act at all times as an ambassador for the Development team across all areas of the university.

Person Specification
Previous Experience

  • Be able to demonstrate experience of building and maintaining constructive professional relationships with a wide range of people over an extended period of time.
  • Demonstrate where you have worked collaboratively to achieve a goal, project or contract success.
  • Experience of working in a target driven environment.
  • Extensive experience of Major and Leadership Gifts fundraising.
  • Experience of leading, mentoring and coaching fundraisers, preferably in a university environment.
  • Experience working within a metrics- driven culture.
  • Experience working across a complex stakeholder environment.
  • Background in working with senior volunteer leaders, and recruiting influencers.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge and experience of team management and developing a team culture.
  • Knowledge of the functions and best practices of Development teams.
  • Knowledge of the principles of Major and Leadership Gifts fundraising, and Donor Relations.
  • A good problem solver with the ability to work laterally to resolve fundraising challenges across departments.
  • Demonstrates self-awareness and understands how to bring others with them in order to overcome a collective challenge.
  • Demonstrates gravitas and has experience in helping others to develop it.
  • Working knowledge of GDPR, and Fundraising Regulator code of practice.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to work constructively and effectively with senior staff.
  • A high level of written and oral communication and confident presentation skills.

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