Polly Symondson Recruitment | Consultancy
Polly Symondson Recruitment, PSR, Recruitment in the Charity Sector, Cheltenham, London, UK
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Work with PSR in a way that suits you

At PSR we know our charity clients need to watch every penny so we offer strategic support to ensure organisations have the right skills mix within their fundraising department. We also know that some clients have a restricted budget which means outsource only part of the recruitment process. At PSR, we offer a tailored service that reflects our clients needs whilst still getting the most out of PSR’s expertise.

Engage Polly’s services on either a half day rate of £275+VAT or full day rate of £500+VAT to cover some of the following areas:

  • Writing job descriptions
  • Creating job advertisements
  • Strategic team development
  • Shortlisting candidate applications
  • Being part of the interview panel